Weetabix Unveils New ‘Back to School’ Push With BBH

Weetabix has unveiled a new £4 million integrated marketing push, following two children and their grandpa creating mayhem in the house while mum and dad are out.

Created by BBH, the campaign will include cinema and radio activity, a Disney children’s TV partnership, and significant in store activity consisting of on pack promotion and retailer-exclusive value-add promotions.

Francesca Davies, marketing manager at Weetabix, said: “The back to school period is well reported by mums as being a particularly busy time. Often new uniforms, stationery and lunchboxes are the big things on her mind. We are keen to ensure that, in order to give her children the best possible start to the new term, what she puts in their tummies is also front of mind.

“We’re excited about the campaign’s ability to talk to both mums and children, and are committed to pushing our investment truly through the line to ensure Weetabix is front of mind at those key moments of truth.”

This builds on the previous ‘fuel for big days’ push.

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