Wheely’s Café: ‘World Smallest Café’ that Runs on Bicycle Wheels

Wheely’s Café” is developed by the Nordic Society For Invention and Discovery for the sole purpose of “making the world better, one pedal at the time”.

In addition to being the “world’s smallest café”, Wheely’s is also the “world’s cheapest franchise”. Aspiring café owners would only need to fork out US$3,000 to be part of the Wheely’s network, where they would enjoy “a recognisable brand, design, marketing, social media presence and cheaper prices”.

Equipped with a solar panel, each bike comes with all the basics that are necessary for running a café—all you need is for the sun to be out. Owners of each Wheely’s Café can also personalize their business with special menus.

Aiming to compete with giant coffee chains like Starbucks, the team behind Wheely’s would like to see their bikes in over 100 cities in one year—currently, Wheely’s are already sold in several countries, including the U.S.A, Canada, Norway and Argentina.

The creators of the Wheely’s Café have recently launched a campaign on crowd-funding site Indiegogo—the project was fully funded in just two weeks. It is still possible to get a Wheely’s bike for US$3,445, or a set of two bikes for US$6,000.

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