Whisky Bottles That Look Like They Are Covered In Tattooed Skin

To celebrate the rich history of J&B’s rare scotch blend whisky, the Le Sphinx parlor tattooed 25 bottles to commemorate one of the emerging trends of the 19th century—getting a tattoo.

This trend originated in London, with many sailors sporting tattoos in the city—the fad soon spread to the rest of Europe.

Inspired by history, the brand first covered these bottles in latex—the skins had to be slim enough to be shaped, yet strong enough to be tattooed on.

These latex skins were also colored to resemble the skin of people. Sébastien Mathieu completed the job, spending 20 hours tattooing each bottle.

These limited edition bottles were sold in Paris’ Publicis Drugstore, and were packed in a black silkscreened wooden box.

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