Williams Murray Hamm Brands Gourmet Burger Delivery Service Chosen Bun

burgers-and-chip_482Williams Murray Hamm has created the branding and packaging for Chosen Bun, a new London-based gourmet burger delivery service.

The consultancy, which was appointed earlier this year, used the name Chosen Bun to reflect the company’s founders’ ‘obsession with recipe experimentation’ to find ‘the ultimate burger’, says Williams Murray Hamm.

During a year of research for the project, Chosen Bun founders Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman visited US cities including New York, LA, Miami and Naples on ‘tasting trips’.  Garrick Hamm, Williams Murray Hamm creative director, says that at one point they were ‘eating three burgers a day.’

The branding uses a blue, black and white colour palette, with a ‘ketchup red squirt’ that crosses out things that the brand doesn’t do, such as deliver by unicycle or boat.

Hamm says, ‘We wanted to go against the grain of most of the stuff you get through the letterbox and on pizza boxes. We’ve deliberately steered clear of the typical busy and cluttered four-colour visual language.’

The founders developed the structural packaging, while Williams Murray Hamm designed the brand identity – shown on packaging, marketing communications, and menus – and was also responsible for copywriting and tone of voice.

Hamm says, ‘It’s all about burgers and that’s how we have communicated Chosen Bun.  It’s witty and reflects the personality of the partners.

‘With burgers there’s so much out there that you have to find your own voice and this does that.  Whether you like it or not, it’s different.’


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