Woolworths Celebrates Launch of New Food Range with ‘Glorious’ Ad by M&C Saatchi

M&C Saatchi Sydney has created a new campaign for Woolworths‘ new food range.

Woolworths’ new food range has been created with nutritionists and chefs, and tested by customers, which aims to make meal shopping and preparation easier and healthier for Australian families.

Over the past 18 months Woolworths has undertaken an extensive review, reformulation and rebrand of their food range with key changes including a reduction in salt, sugar and saturated fats as well as an overhaul of product packaging.

The nutritionist, chefs and customers involved in the development process are at the heart of a new campaign launched to celebrate the new range that also focuses on the quality and the testing the products go through before they hit Woolworths shelves.

Peter Hathaway, general manager FoodCo marketing, Woolworths said: “At Woolworths we’re focused on constantly improving and evolving our food range and ensuring our customers have great quality and healthier options to choose from, that are also great value. Whether it’s the already popular lamb shanks or ice cream, every one of the Woolworths food range has been rigorously tested to ensure our customers and their feedback are an essential part of the product development journey.”

Customers shopping at Woolworths should look out for the all-new “Green Seal of Approval” on the new Woolworths food range. This marker ensures customers can expect a delicious, high quality product with no artificial colours or flavours at a great price that’s been created by Woolworths nutritionists and chefs and tested by customers.

Hathaway added: “We are proud to be able to deliver to the trust customers expect from us in food and will continue to develop more innovative food products that respond to our customers’ demand for good price, quality and nutrition under the Woolworths food range. The Woolworths food range is also leading the way in improvements being made to product transparency on packaging with Health Star Ratings and Country of Origin labelling being rolled out across the range.”

With the new Woolworths food range customers able now able to pick from a range of new products include marinated butterflied chicken, award-winning ice cream, yoghurts and salads right through to crackers, cheese and cookies.

Even before any of the products make it to shelf, they undergo a rigorous process by the Woolworths Customer Tasting Panel at the Food Innovators Centre. A new online community called The Bunch has also been launched where everyday Woolworths customers are invited to try products from the Woolworths Food Range and share their ratings and reviews on the platform.

Source: Campaign Brief

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