Wrigley Hong Kong Launches Series of Annoying Lunch Companions

Wrigley Hong Kong has recently launched a series of online videos, developed by BBDO Hong Kong, as part of a campaign across YouTube and Facebook channels on behalf of the Wrigley’s brand, Extra.

Rooted in an insight from everyday life, the four-minute online video, featuring a team of renowned Hong Kong YouTubers, Bomba, demonstrates a series of short stories around various “annoying lunch companion” stereotypes – “The Texter”, “The Selfier”, “Picky Eater”, “Food Envier”, “Slow Eater”, “Cheap Skate” and “The Impolite”.

These stereotypes are all relevant to the people of Hong Kong and are represented in a light-hearted and amusing manner.

The video first aired in late February and has entered the top 10 Hong Kong videos on YouTube with over 200,000 views in the first 2 days, without media investment.  To date, the viewership of this online video stands at over 561,000 with a Facebook engagement rate of +92 per cent.

Wrigley-Extra-e1427683404666-700x419“This is our first attempt to push the digital platform for Extra,” said Vivian Ho, marketing director for Wrigley Taiwan & Hong Kong.

“In the past, we mainly focused on traditional mediums, such as TV, for gaining high reach as it is important for our FMCG category. However, with the shift of our audience’s behaviour, we are starting to invest more in digital for stronger engagement and to integrate our product into our audience’s daily lives,” said Ho.

“We are thrilled to see the many positive comments on Facebook and YouTube and this certainly gives us motivation to engage more on a social level for future Extra campaigns.”

“The creative team had no trouble thinking up different annoying lunch companion traits. The rest of us in the office wondered where they got all the great material,” said Kevin Lynch, executive creative director for BBDO South China.

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