You Can Now Enjoy A Great Tequila Created By George Clooney

You may not know this, but other than being a sexy Hollywood heart-throb, actor George Clooney is also an avid tequila-drinker.

Together with his tequila-loving buddies Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, Clooney decided to create the elusive ideal tequila they sought the world over but couldn’t seem to find.

The result is the launch of Casamigos, a smooth tequila “whose taste did not need to be covered up with salt or lime”—apparently, this mild and laid-back spirit is enjoyable whether it is served neat or on the rocks.

Before you dismiss this as yet another gimmicky celebrity-endorsed product, you should first taste it—according to quite a number of publications, Casamigos tastes pretty great.

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