Ysios redesigned by Coley Porter Bell to capture the craft and story behind the fine wine brand

Pernod Ricard Winemakers’ fine wine brand, Ysios, undergoes a packaging redesign led by brand and design agency, Coley Porter Bell The redesign is part of the Ysios strategy to highlight its remarkable roots and draw upon its distinctive craft heritage With a selling price starting from €30 a bottle, each wine has its own design that tells its unique story

Ysios announces a new design to reconnect with its artisanal, craft roots to resonate with fine wine consumers. Pernod Ricard Winemakers’ long-term partner, Coley Porter Bell, led the redesign. 

The Ysios marketing team wanted to renew the look and feel of the brand through a design that credibly honours its traditional ways of viticulture as well as reflects their avant-garde mindset. A team from Coley Porter Bell held an immersive on-site workshop to help build a visual plan to inform the design work.

The design draws inspiration from the key elements contributing to the creation of the fine wine brand: the intensely personal connection of the Ysios team, headed by winemaker Roberto Vicente, with the surrounding diverse terroir and the rich heritage of Rioja Alavesa subregion, as well as the avant garde mindset captured in their boutique winery, designed in harmony with the landscape by award-winning architect Santiago Calatrava.

Ysios strives to cultivate the remarkable by going beyond the expected, with a micro cultivation philosophy of working with small scale vineyards and exploring every variable in depth to enhance the singularity of each terroir. The specific conditions of each vineyard are brought to life in the visual icons on each bottle, paying homage to the distinctive craft story behind the winemaking.

The unrivalled wine heritage of the Rioja Alavesa region is reflected back to customers in the design’s ultra-premium textures and finishes, including micro-embossed foils and cotton paper labels.  

Painstakingly crafted over a meticulous two-year period, the result is a beautifully crafted and pared-back brand design that brings the multifaceted story to life.

The Ysios range consists of five remarkable, award winning wines: Selección, Los Prados, Grano a Grano Reserva, Las Naves and Blanco. 

Steve Irvine, Creative Director, Coley Porter Bell, said“Ysios cultivates distinctive connections. Every aspect of the brand enhances the care that goes into it, so we created a design where there´s an honest rawness and handcrafted feel to the forms, materials, textures and finishes.

Clean mineral tones, with earthy elemental textures and colours evokes the natural diversity of the region´s terroir, and tells a deeper story that you want to learn more about. Contrasting yet complementary, the design reflects the many different components that come together in a remarkable wine.”

Oliver dos Remedios, Global Marketing Director, Pernod Ricard Winemakers, said: “Ysios is a gem in the PRW Fine Wine portfolio and I am pleased that our collaboration with Coley Porter Bell on the new packaging has been able to capture the care that goes into our winemaking, with an honest rawness and handcrafted feel for our award winning wines.”

Roberto Vincente, winemaker and winery manager, Ysios, said: “I love the new designs. The shape visually conveys the importance of the Sierra Cantabria mountain range to our region’s terroir, whilst the unique images on the labels capture one of the key elements that give each wine a distinctive personalityLike Ysios wines, their elegance represents layers of complexity.”

Source: Coley Porter Bell

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