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Derek&Eric create a fresh and delightful brand world full of love for sweet treats icon Yamama.

The Gandour family business has been making sweet treats across the middle east since 1857 making products people love.

Yamama’s Challenge

Since the 1980’s, Yamama has established itself as a true family favourite, leveraging Gandour’s 150 years of expertise in confectionary to create a reputation across the Middle East for providing great quality cakes at affordable prices.

In recent times however, competition at shelf has grown ever fiercer – with numerous new entries from local and global players alike.

Whilst Yamama has managed to keep pace through a combination of value, nostalgia,and long-standing salience, they have lacked the toolkit to vie for the hearts of a new generation.

How do you evolve a brand to look the way it has always felt?

Creative Solution

The core of Yamama has always been about connection – particularly that between parent and child – cakes that are shared to bring a little joy to the ones you love most.

We used this foundational idea as the jumping off point for visual storytelling, from a smooth and creamy infinite pattern utilising our ‘Y’, to the literal addition of the word ‘love’ to our refined and modernised logotype.

The new style is expressed with colourful energy and generous abundance – building layers of excitement on top of the refreshed blue background.

Together, we realise a world filled with delicious vibes and a sense of youthful exuberance, fit to compete for the parents of tomorrow.

Source: Derek&Eric

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