A Luxurious, Cozy Traveling Bar that is ‘Hidden’ Inside a Vintage Van

Boulangerie François camionnette1Vodka brand Grey Goose has teamed up with branding agency Ragged Edge to create the “world’s most intimate martini bar,” which is “hidden” inside a gorgeous vintage Citroen van.

Boulangerie François camionnette3Big enough for only two guests, this lovely traveling bar is decked out luxuriously in marble, leather, bronze and other fine materials—the lucky guests would be treated to a private cocktail consultation, and receive a bespoke Grey Goose Martini that is made just for them.

Boulangerie François camionnette2To be launched in key cities throughout the UK this year, the “Boulangerie François camionnette” features a peep-hole that allows one to get a glimpse of the lovely space within from the outside —according to The Dieline, “This is great example of a brand moving beyond the store shelf to give consumers a memorable experience that will undoubtedly be associated with the Grey Goose brand.”


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