Absolut Unveils Limited Edition ‘Karnival’ Vodka Bottle

Absolute Karnival1To celebrate the spirit of the carnival festivities in South America, Absolut has come up with a new vodka flavor accompanied with a limited edition “Karnival” design on the bottle.

Illustrated by Brazilian graphic novel artist and writer Rafael Grampá, Absolut’s new packaging has five flamboyant characters that seem to have come from the streets of the carnival.

Absolute Karnival2According to Grampá, he sought to convey the spirit of the carnival, as it is a place where everyone comes together as an equal to celebrate their transformative powers to to change the world. The artist chose to represent this power in his vibrant illustrations, “putting the parade right into the bottle.”

Franz Drack, Global Marketing Director of Absolut, also stated that the Brazilian’s illustrations embodied the spirit of the carnival as they were disruptive, lively and authentic—it helped that Grampá himself had also experienced the carnival atmosphere first-hand.

These bottles will be available at various carnival events in January and February this year.

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