ALDI Says ‘Stop and Smell the Savings’ in its Newly Launched Campaign

People tend to switch into autopilot mode when they step into a supermarket. They stick to their shopping list (whether physical or mental), and many shoppers have typecast ALDI for specific products. The problem is, when you’re on autopilot at ALDI, you can easily overlook quality products will save you lots of money.

This is the premise behind ALDI’s new product range campaign, “Stop and Smell the Savings” via BMF Australia. The campaign uses some of ALDI’s most popular products (VIVA white bread, ALDI Mushrooms andALMAT laundry powder) to get shoppers to notice the more unexpected and overlooked products in ALDI’s expanding range of groceries. The campaign has been rolled-out across TV, pre-roll, digital display, CRM and website.

Alex Derwin, creative director, BMF said: “ALDI is always adding new and surprising products to their range and it’s these products that save you the most money. This idea is a simple and direct challenge to ALDI shoppers to look up from their lists, look around and smell the savings they can make.”

Sam Viney, marketing director, ALDI said: “Whilst many Australians have woken up to the exceptional value we offer at ALDI, some are still surprised to hear about the broad range of award-winning, specialty products that line our stores. Creating spokespeople out of our much-loved grocery products – and making them advocates for our lesser-known products – seemed like a fertile territory for humour, and a surprising way to break through the clutter.”


ECD: Cam Blackley
Creative Director: Alex Derwin
Art Director: Jessica Roberts
Copywriter: Justin Butler
Designer: Matthew Hughes
Executive Planning Director: Christina Aventi
Planning Director: Hugh Munro
Managing Director: Stephen McArdle
Client Services Director: Daniel Lacaze
Group Account Director: Toby Hussey
vivaAccount Director: Sid De
Agency Producer: Emma Friend
Director: Jim Hosking
Production Company: Scoundrel
Post Production: Alt
Editor: Tim Mauger @ The Butchery
Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Music & Sound Production: Rumble Studios
DoP: Stefan Duscio
ALDI Marketing Director: Sam Viney
ALDI Marketing Manager: Lachlan Sweet
ALDI Marketing Assistant: Katherine Franulovich

Source: Campaign Brief

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