Bacardi mark 150th Anniversary with a Time Capsule

Historic birthday celebrated and embraced by millions around the world; sets stage for continued growth

Bacardi Limited caps off the yearlong celebration of its 150th anniversary with the creation of a commemorative time capsule to symbolize the unity, passion and pioneering spirit of Bacardi—the Company, family and iconic rum brand. The time capsule acts as a living snapshot of the Company in 2012 and also carries messages from current-day employees to Bacardi employees of 2062—50 years from now—to honor the enduring Bacardi legacy when it is opened on its 200th anniversary.

The 6ft x 1ft (1.82m x 0.30m) custom-created, stainless steel capsule, encased in a granite cap and cement pedestal and registered with the International Time Capsule Society, was installed at the Bacardi worldwide headquarters in Bermuda at an event hosted by Chairman Facundo L. Bacardi and President & CEO Ed Shirley of family-owned Bacardi Limited. This historical event was attended by Bacardi executives, employees, Bermuda government officials and other dignitaries. The pedestal, which is adorned with a bronze plaque, is situated in front of the headquarters and welcomes visitors as the iconic Mies van der Rohe-inspired building is a popular tourist attraction on the island.

“All of us at Bacardi, including our nearly 6,000 employees, are honored to share our history and legacy with consumers and customers around the world. We’ve been equally thrilled that so many have embraced our truly one-of-a-kind story of a brand, family and Company. Consumers really connect with our heritage because they love our authenticity and understand the Bacardi legacy that began 150 years ago,” said Facundo L. Bacardi, great-great grandson of Bacardi founder. “The small company that started with one brand in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba is now the largest privately-held spirits company in the world with a portfolio of some of the most enviable names in the industry. Our labels of BACARDÍ rum,GREY GOOSE vodka, DEWAR’s Blended Scotch whisky,BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin, MARTINI vermouth and Italian sparkling wines and CAZADORES tequila are some of the world’s most recognized and celebrated.”

Bacardi employees from around the world carefully selected mementos with the most meaning for them in this historic year for inclusion in the time capsule. Among the numerous items representing the year 2012 are:

    • Photograph of the remarkable gathering of nearly 500 members of the Bacardi family, representing eight generations, captured in a single moment encircling the iconic Bacardi bat logo at the family’s 150th anniversary party in Puerto Rico
    • Commemorative medal honoring BACARDÍ rum as the “World’s Most Awarded Spirit,” an honor achieved with nearly 600 awards for great taste, quality and innovation
    • Collage of award-winning communications, packaging, design and promotional items commemorating the brand and Company’s 150th year
    • Letter written in an ancient style of Chinese characters, honoring the tradition of paying homage to timeless heritage, by China-based employees with personal messages next to their photos
    • Hand-written notes of inspirational messages from German employees
    • The first-ever tv ad for BACARDÍ Big Apple rum in Brazil, one of Bacardi’s fastest-growing markets in Latin America
    • BACARDÍ rum ad marking the anniversary broadcast on a 23-story tall electronic billboard in New York City’s famed Times Square
    • Decorated African storage gourd, an important cultural and social symbol shared among friends in Kenya, one of our newest markets as Bacardi continues to expand
    • A quartz geode of volcanic origin in Uruguay believed to promote concentration and exhibit positive energy—important traits to pursue new, creative ideas
    • BACARDÍ+ ready-to-drink bottle of a pre-mixed cocktail with mixer launched this year in Asia
    • To put things into perspective for those living in 2062, the U.S. company created a yearbook with various social, political and economic highlights of 2012—including the cost of a gallon of gas, list of top music downloads, national news headlines

The installation of the time capsule wraps up an extraordinary celebration of the 150 years of Bacardi—a milestone few companies achieve. With roots dating back to its founding in Santiago de Cuba in 1862, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó pioneered numerous processes, standards and innovations to create the exceptional quality and mixability of BACARDÍ rum—most of which are still used today. In fact, more than 100 years ago, the world’s favorite rum inspired bartenders to create some of the most popular cocktails including the Mojito, the Daiquiri and the Cuba Libre. In short, BACARDÍ rum helped create a cocktail culture that endures to this day.

In addition to revolutionizing the spirits world by creating rum as we know it today, the Bacardi company overcame much adversity including wars, natural disasters, bankruptcy, Prohibition in the U.S., and the illegal confiscation of its Cuban assets resulting in the Company’s exile—all while remaining family-owned. It then persevered and rose to new heights to become the third largest international and largest privately-held spirits company in the world. The incredible drive and resilience demonstrates the Company’s ability to adapt, stay relevant and continue to flourish amidst tremendous difficulties.

The Bacardi 150th anniversary celebration was a remarkable one with highlights including:

    • Hundreds of birthday parties attended by consumers and celebrities around the world
    • T-shirts and glassware emblazoned with images of Bacardi’s iconic bat logo and vintage ads
    • Print, tv and digital advertising campaign that featured the 1950s-era heyday of BACARDÍ rum
    • Masterful creation of a $2,000-a-bottle limited edition decanter as a celebration of the expertise and craftsmanship in every bottle of BACARDÍ rum by eight Bacardi family master blenders
    • National Geographic® Channel’s “Ultimate Factories” took viewers in 166 countries to the home of BACARDÍ in Puerto Rico to show how family tradition and technology meet
    • Special holiday packs of Bacardi spirits available now for purchase
Bacardi Time Capsule Ceremony

“Our history and storied success is unique to Bacardi,” said Ed Shirley, President & CEO. “No one else can claim it, nor does anyone else have such an amazing heritage. Bacardi has been in existence for 150 years, and in that time has revolutionized the spirits industry, turning our signature BACARDÍ rum into the world’s favorite rum, as well as the world’s most award-winning spirit. We’re proud of our Company’s 150-year heritage, but we’re also equally excited for the next 150 years. Bacardi and its iconic brands are ready to lead the spirits industry well into the 21st Century–and beyond. Watch for more exciting things to happen at Bacardi in the coming year.”

To learn more about Bacardi and its 150-year heritage, visit
Or, wait for 2062 when the anniversary time capsule in Bermuda is opened to reveal its secrets.

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