Bauli’s Emotional Tale of Two Sisters Gives Cake New Significance

‘2SORELLE’ (‘2SISTERS’) is the new Christmas commercial for Bauli, one of the most iconic Italian brands, created by McCann Worldgroup and directed by the famous Italian filmmaker Paolo Genovese.

The commercial is part of the “Lascia parlare il cuore” (‘let your heart speak’) campaign, whose aim is to help people reveal the small and unexpected thoughts they treasure in their hearts for their loved ones. That is why Bauli chose to overcome the limits of traditional advertising by telling a different and more realistic story.

‘2SORELLE’ brings to the stage a conflict between two sisters, Clara and Francesca, who have argued all their lives, even at Christmas, and have stopped talking to each other for several years. The symbol of this clash is a slice of pandoro (a traditional Italian Christmas cake), a metaphor that hides a  more multifaceted sister rivalry. The same slice that will become the symbol of peace when they will finally manage to open their hearts and make up for the lost time.

McCann Worldgroup Italy developed a rich strategy, including a digital campaign and out of home spaces that the brand offers as a space for people to place their own personal Xmas heart-to-heart messages.

‘Lascia parlare il cuore’ website was launched on November 13, with the purpose of collecting thoughts and stories that people have inside. The best messages will turn into OOH posters and find their way onto the streets of Italy as of December 11.

Source: Little Black Book

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