BBDO Moscow’s ‘Miss-U-Mat’ Connects You to Your Canine Companion

In today’s society we are constantly in touch with our friends. When they miss us, they are able to send messages instantly via one of many messaging channels. But man’s best friend does not have such a luxury. They spend many hours at home unable to express their feelings. In moments of intense loneliness dogs lie near the door waiting for their owners to return.

Cesar Miss U MatBBDO Moscow has decided to bring dogs and owners closer together by creating a unique device. Miss-U-Mat by Cesar is a small carpet with inbuilt detectors, which are activated as soon as the dog lies on it.

A microcomputer inside the mat connects to a domestic Wi-Fi network and alerts the owner via a special Miss-U-Mat application, available for both Android and iOS. The longer the dog lies on the mat, the more touching and heart-warming messages the owner will receive, signalling to the owner to return home earlier.

Now with the Miss-U-Mat, even from far away, every dog-owner can feel a little closer to his best friend.

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