Beercade: The Arcade Machine That Rewards Winners With Beer

Imagine a game where the winner not only earns the bragging right, but also a glass of ice cold beer. Well that is exactly what the creative minds at McKinney have thought of, for the latest concept for Big Boss Brewing Company.

Called the ‘Beercade’, the retro-style arcade game dispenses free beer to the winners of the game. It’s coin slot is replaced by a few drip trays, cup-holders and motion sensors—instead of quarters, users just have to place the cups at the cup-holders, below the machine’s beer taps, as credit.

The Beercade is loaded with a custom Street Fighter style 2D game called The Last Barfighter, that pits two players against each other. The first player to win three rounds gets a cup of beer.

Owen Tingle, Associate Creative Director at McKinney, explains the inspiration behind the concept:

“I grew up playing video games, and I remember stacking quarters at the old arcades waiting in line to show off my virtual fighting skills. And I think it’s a nostalgic experience a lot of people identify with. I’ve also grown to appreciate the craft and skill it takes to make good-tasting beer. So to combine these two passions into a unique experience other people can enjoy was just awesome.”

As far as where one can find Beercade goes, it looks like it’s only being relegated to promotional events and fundraisers for charities, so for now you will have to put on your philanthropic shoes if you want to sample the fun.

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