Belvoir Fruit Farms Launches New Citrus Chardonnay Pressé

Belvoir Fruit Farms, producers of all natural, premium adult soft drinks, have added a subtle and sophisticated new variety to their lightly sparkling Pressé range; Citrus Chardonnay.

Made using masses of real Chardonnay grape juice blended with zesty citrus fruit juice and with a touch of lemon thyme for extra complexity, Belvoir’s new Citrus Chardonnay Pressé makes a refreshingly crisp alternative to sparkling white wine. It can be served chilled on its own, but also makes a mouth-watering mixer or ingredient in a cocktail or virgin cocktail.

The sophisticated nose, taste and subtle bubbles can fool even the connoisseur into believing they are sipping on something a little more alcoholic which makes it perfect for Dry January or for the drivers at a party.

Like all Belvoir’s drinks Chardonnay Citrus Pressé is made using only natural ingredients with no artificial colourings, preservatives, additives or sweeteners.

Available in 75cl bottles, Citrus Chardonnay Pressé is on sale now at Tesco stores UK-wide, for around £2.29 or online from here.

Source: Belvoir Fruit Farms

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