Belvoir Fruit Farms Launches New Range of Functional Botanical Drinks

53e3934c9e2fb0cc8f0793f6b2ed6891Belvoir Fruit Farms is launching a new range of functional drinks, Belvoir Botanicals that draw inspiration from natural botanical plants that have been used for centuries for their perceived health benefits, with added vitamins to boost their efficacy.

Belvoir Botanicals were developed after extensive research and help from award winning dietitian, and nutritionist, Dr Carrie Ruxton, once Belvoir had identified a gap in the market for a refreshing, more feminine range of gently functional drinks that taste natural and delicious.

Dr Ruxton says: “Working on the development of Belvoir Botanicals has been an amazing experience as we have been able to merge nutrition science with modern beverage development and authorised health claims to create a truly unique product. Humans have harnessed the natural benefits of plant botanicals for thousands of years, using elderflower, Echinacea, green tea or mint to improve wellbeing and support normal health. Now these benefits will be more widely available in a delicious drinks range with flavours to suit everyone.”

Like all Belvoir’s drinks, the Botanicals range are made using wholly natural ingredients with no artificial colourings, preservatives, additives or sweeteners and the Botanicals also contain no added sugar. Each of the four drinks offers a specific benefit derived from flowers, roots, herbs or fruits that are well known for aiding that particular function. All are blended with still water and come in re-sealable 330ml plastic bottles with wide mouths for ease of drinking.

The Belvoir Botanicals’ range comprises:

  • REFRESH – made from pure cucumber juice, lemon and cooling mint with added milk thistle, dandelion and vitamin C, this drink quenches the driest of thirsts providing instant refreshment – and thanks to the classic hangover cure ingredients, milk thistle and dandelion, it could be a real life saver after a little over-indulgence too!
  • IMMUNE SUPPORT – a natural, delicately floral blend of elderflower, rosehip, raspberry and Echinacea with added vitamin C. As soon as you feel the slightest bit under the weather, or simply want to give your immune system a boost, reach for this delicious blend of ingredients used for centuries to aid immunity
  • NATURAL ENERGY – a naturally energised blend of refreshing lemon, mandarin, green tea and fragrant jasmine with added ginseng, guarana and vitamin C makes this the ‘go-to’ drink when you feel an energy dip and want to naturally enhance your energy levels or simply need a pick-me-up
  • SKIN SUPPORT – beauty really is from the inside out and with this natural, delicately fragrant blend of mandarin, hibiscus and geranium with added goji berry and vitamin C Belvoir offers a simple and delicious way to support skin health and give your complexion a healthy glow

CgUahfuWEAEOiO-Pev Manners, MD of Belvoir Fruit Farms says: “I’m tremendously excited about Belvoir Botanicals; I have wanted to use our expertise and knowledge to develop a range from plants with proven health enhancing properties for years. I really feel that Botanicals fill a gap in the market for busy women needing a more feminine range of gently functional drinks. The natural ingredients and simple methods have definite synergy with our existing Belvoir range and yet whereas our Cordials and Pressés are designed to be drunk as more of a treat, the Botanicals each have a specific function with on-going benefits.”

Belvoir Botanicals have a number of usage occasions from the morning, to replace the usual cup of coffee, to lunch time, through to when the afternoon energy slump hits. They can also be used after exercise and generally for on-going hydration thanks to the re-sealable bottle.

Belvoir launched the new Botanicals Range at Food & Drinks Expo but they are supporting the launch with a marketing campaign that includes sampling at 10 Race for Life events, social media competitions asking people to explain why they need a lift to win an office drop of Botanicals, online competitions with health magazines, and TV Gardener and Ethnobotanist, James Wong will be working with Belvoir to explain the long history and folklore behind the botanicals featured in the drinks via a series of radio interviews.

A selection of the Belvoir Botanicals will be available at Asda from 7 May, retailing for around £1.70 per bottle.

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