Belvoir Fruit Farms Unveils New Wine Alternatives

belvoirAs the trend in drinking less continues and the number of people taking part in campaigns like Dry January increases each year, Belvoir Fruit Farms has turned its hand to developing a new range of drinks to mimic the sensation of drinking wine but which doesn’t leave you with the sore head when you’ve over-done it. The result is Belvoir Shiraz without the hangover, Belvoir Chardonnay without the hangover and Belvoir Rosé without the hangover.

They are also perfect, of course, for expecting or breastfeeding mums who like the idea of joining in the party but know they shouldn’t. And reassuringly, like all Belvoir’s drinks the Wine Alternatives are made using all natural ingredients, with no artificial additives, preservatives, colourings or sweeteners, and all three varieties contain no added sugar.

Pev Manners, MD for Belvoir Fruit Farms says: “While all our Cordials and Pressés are obviously great for the non-drinker, or for someone simply looking for a delicious soft drink, Belvoir’s Wines without the Hangover have been developed to actually emulate the texture and sensation of drinking wine. We have used our expertise in blending fruit juices to recreate the pleasures of consuming wine but minus the associated sore head! We think that as more people adopt a healthier lifestyle the demand for drinks like these will grow.”

Here’s how good they taste:

Belvoir Rosé without the Hangover – This non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé contains a carefully balanced blend of rosé, red and white grape juices with raspberry juice and a touch of orange blossom and jasmine extracts. With its clear rose-gold colour and crisp, lively sensation on the tongue, it has a nose of raspberry with a floral hint. Serve chilled, its slightly sweet and fruity Rosé grape flavour combines with a crisp, clean finish making it perfect for a refreshing aperitif

Belvoir Chardonnay without the Hangover – For those who crave a chilled glass of white, reach instead for this non-alcoholic blend of Chardonnay and white grape juices with peach juice and elderflower & jasmine extracts. A pale straw yellow in colour, this drink has a complex, distinctive taste of white grape with a nose of grape and peach and delicate floral undertones. The sweet yet crisp flavour is great paired with chicken, fish or cheese

Belvoir Shiraz without the Hangover – If you favour a more full-bodied red, Belvoir’s non-alcoholic blend of single strength Shiraz red grape juice with elderberry and blackcurrant juices, and a hint of black peppercorn and vanilla extracts, really hits the mark. It has a very ‘grown-up’ taste with a nose of blackcurrant, a touch of vanilla and a semi-sweet fruity flavour with an astringent, slightly mouth drying finish with a hint of spice, typically associated with a Shiraz red wine. Just like the alcoholic variety this rich dark red alcohol- free version slips down nicely with steak or boeuf bourguignon

The Shiraz and Rosé are available exclusively at Tesco from 14 November, in time for Christmas, until March 2017 and then all three varieties will be more widely available from other major supermarkets UK-wide or via Belvoir’s website.

Belvoir’s Wine Alternative drinks will retail for around £2.99 per bottle.

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