Ben & Jerry’s June Scoop Shop Promotion Helps Give Back to the Cows

Looking for a refreshing summer treat that gives back to the cows who help make Ben & Jerry’s ice cream possible? Look no further than our Ben & Jerry’s company owned Scoop Shops!

c3b631dd-a986-4a3b-ae8e-4adcd0a5e6bb.HRDuring the month of June, $1 from every milkshake (up to a maximum donation of $3,000) sold in the US, goes to Ben & Jerry’s Caring Dairy Environmental Stewardship Fund.

The Caring Dairy Environmental Stewardship Fund was established by Ben & Jerry’s to award farmers in the Caring Dairy program who commit to making improvements within their farm that embody the innovative efforts of the Caring Dairy program. Farmers who implement improvements are awarded $500-$2,500 per award each year.

77e3e52a-e208-4401-865d-811ec2d48340.HRIn 2014 the Blue Gene Farm in North Bangor, New York was awarded for reducing their energy consumption and increasing efficiency. From the results of a farm audit, the Blue Gene Farm determined that changes to lighting, ventilation and vacuum equipment would reduce energy consumption. They have since seen monthly utility bills reduced by two-thirds.

“This is the third year we’ve offered this scoop shop program,” said Andrea Asch, Natural Resource Manager for Ben & Jerry’s. “We’re confident that this program will not only provide our fans with a cool summer treat, but more importantly help our Caring Dairy farmers by providing another resource to keep their farms running in the best way possible.”

Ben & Jerry’s Caring Dairy program was established to offer farmers a way to evaluate their farm against a set of 11 sustainability indicators to help identify areas for improvement and guide farmers toward beneficial changes.


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