Bensimon Byrne Predicts NFL Games for SVEDKA Vodka with Celery-Precision

SVEDKA Vodka has a loyal fan base that loves American Football almost as much as they love their cocktails.

So together with its agency Bensimon Byrne, SVEDKA set out to steal some football-spotlight. Continuing with its irreverent humour (from past ​Halloween campaigns – Printable Costumes and First World Horrors​), SVEDKA takes aim at the most sacred of sports activities – predicting game winners.

So leading up to the “Big Game”, SVEDKA launches a Bloody Mary cocktail that predicts football games with celery-precision. A delicious oracle that makes its pick based on which side of the glass the celery falls.

The fully digital campaign consists of banner ads, enhanced banners, pre-roll videos, and various social media posts that all drive to SVEDKA’s online hub​,​​ which hosts all the videos as well as a variety of SVEDKA Vodka Bloody Mary recipes and more.

The SVEDKA Bloody Mary Oracle’s football game prediction videos will be released the week of each game. Additional videos include a Launch spot to kick off the campaign, as well as the Conspiracy Theory and Commemorative Coin videos that build upon the SVEDKA Bloody Mary Oracle’s legend.

Source: Little Black Book

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