Birds Eye Introduces the “Spokes-Peas” in its Newly Launched Campaign by JWT Melbourne

Australian food manufacturer Simplot, has launched a brand platform ‘Fresh from the Freezer’ for Birds Eye. Created by J. Walter Thompson Melbourne, the campaign, aims to leverage Birds Eye’s market leading position and drive brand reappraisal.

This is the agency’s first major campaign for the brand since being appointed to the Simplot business in September 2016.

The fun campaign introduces two cute characters from the freezer – a couple of ‘Spokes-peas’ who escaped from the bag and now call the freezer their forever-home. From their Pea-O-V everything appears heroic and they give a comedic interpretation of the comings and goings of the freezer world, and at the same time educate Aussies about all Birds Eye dinner options, in this instance, Birds Eye fish.

Suzanne Harman, GM marketing, Simplot Australia said: “Birds Eye ‘Fresh from the freezer’ is the latest in a series of enduring brand platforms that Simplot have partnered with JWT Melbourne on. Other brand platforms we’ve developed with JWT Melbourne have seen our brands deliver epic shifts in Brand Equity and Awareness measures through Nielsen tracking, and sales results to match. But, with this latest work for Birds Eye I feel that together we have finally cracked Simplot’s biggest brand challenge.”

Kieran Antill, executive creative director, J. Walter Thompson Melbourne added: “Brave, intelligent ideas best defines the type of work coming from the Simplot/JWT partnership. The fact is the freezer has been considered a dumping ground for ‘back up products’ and we wanted to breathe a little imagination and warmth into this remarkable space. Birds Eye has every right to own the freezer as a place of freshness and with this new platform and the help of a couple of spokes-peas I believe they will. This platform see’s the beginning of distinct and own-able assets for Birds Eye that Australia will embrace. A big thank you to all involved including Finch productions; Jonny & Will (directors) and Claire Thompson (producer) for bringing our ambitions to life.”

Spearheaded by 1 x 30 sec and 2 x 15 sec TVCs promoting Birds Eye Barramundi, Whiting and Flathead frozen fish products, the campaign is further supported by retail shopper-lives and retailer media.

Birds Eye “Spokes-peas” campaign is in market until end of May but stay tuned for more from these two little chatty peas.

Source: Campaign Brief

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