BJ’s Restaurants’ Foodie Forecast Serves up Ads Based on the Weather

When the weather sucks, it sucks to go out. BJ’s Restaurants & Brewhouse knows there are times when people just want to lounge around in their lounge pants. So BBDO San Francisco developed a programmatic weather-dependent campaign that makes staying in and ordering delivery even sweeter when you can’t face going out.

In partnership with Clinch, BBDO San Francisco built an AI engine that examines weather conditions in real time near BJ’s Restaurant locations (in seven key US markets including Cleveland, Columbus, Houston, Phoenix, Seattle, Tampa and Washington DC). Then some clever tech is triggered when it’s really cold, raining or windy that serves up cross-media video ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The ads, created by the Docter Twins out of Thinking Machine, are spoof weather reports with tempting delivery offers. For instance, if there’s heavy rain, people get a heavy discount. Because when it sucks to go out, BJ’s Restaurants & Brewhouse delivers exactly what you want.

Source: Little Black Book

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