Blockhead: Beyond Gum, a Catalyst for LifeSource: The GateBlockhead: Beyond Gum, a Catalyst for Life

Blockhead goes beyond mere gum, serving as a catalyst for life’s adventures. Whether you’re conquering Everest or seeking a weekend pick-me-up at Glastonbury festival, Blockhead is your ultimate companion, designed to help you tackle whatever challenges life throws your way. Infused with functional ingredients like caffeine, CBD, charcoal, or vitamins, each variant delivers precisely what you need, instantly.

Since their launch, Blockhead have a growing commitment to finding innovative packaging solutions that prioritise sustainability, functionality, and making a lasting impression. Looking to visually express their mission and brand identity, Blockhead partnered with Boundless Brand Design to revamp their packaging, focusing on stylish practicality for life on the go.

Boundless worked to redesign the pack structure, transitioning from plastic pouches to eco-friendly cardboard, pushing the boundaries of sustainability without compromising on visual impact. These lightweight and durable packs are perfectly suited for any occasion. Scalable and adaptable, the new pack design sets the stage for future range extensions, ensuring limitless possibilities.

With a bespoke typeface and an updated brand marque featuring a diamond and an elevated ‘B,’ Blockhead’s visual identity received a refreshing evolution. By reimagining the packaging typography, we have made it effortless for consumers to navigate across the range, emphasizing the product benefits that matter most.

Each product within the Blockhead universe possesses its own distinctive identity. Geometric and evocative patterns are employed to mirror the specific benefits of each variant. Calming mint hues evoke the relaxing properties of CBD, while vibrant orange tones connect to the invigorating power of the Vitamin gum. Cool greens signify refreshment, electric blues symbolise caffeinated energy, and a striking black and white pattern embodies the whitening properties of our gum. Each variant is presented in its respective shipper, ensuring a cohesive and visually engaging experience.

Hamish Shand, Founder and Creative Director at Boundless Brand Design, says, “Our commitment to promoting sustainability through creative solutions is at the heart of our designs and this redesign has no cap on creativity. Inspired by the elegance of art deco design, this refreshing transformation infuses the entire range with a tantalizing new flavour, captivating the spirits of life’s daring go-getters.”

Source: Boundless Brand Design

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