Bloom Re-Designs Cow & Gate Jars for Danone

Cow & Gate Before and AfterBloom has redesigned Cow & Gate’s baby foods, creating a disruptive new look that celebrates the quality and naturalness of their ingredients. The new design is intended to encourage parents to reappraise jars as a category, by bringing to life the provenance of Cow & Gate’s baby-grade ingredients, all of which come from a small selection of carefully chosen farms.

Fruit-JarThe new design clarifies the role of jars within Cow & Gate’s product portfolio, differentiating them from formula milks and cuing that jars represent the start of a new developmental stage in which exploring different tastes takes on more importance. A key objective of the redesign was to strike a careful balance between functional reassurance and emotional connection.

Ed Hayes, Head of Planning says: “Our approach centred on the farm-to-jar concept to reassure mothers on multiple levels. The new marque lock-up communicates this through new iconography that highlights the naturalness of the ingredients by referencing the farm and outdoors. The lock-up also serves to unify the range, featuring on all packs and creating a strong, on-shelf, visual impact.”

Savoury-JarCreative Director Simon Adamson says, “the design represents Cow & Gate’s commitment to producing only the best products for little ones. The crate filled with food symbolises the care taken to grow and prepare the finest, baby-grade ingredients with no added nasties.”

In regards to the transparent PSL label Ed says: “Danone and our team all agreed that being able to actually see the products would be a great way to stand-out and differentiate from the pouches as well as reassure mothers further about the quality and simplicity of the recipes.”

The new design is now available nationwide in the UK.




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