Bombay Sapphire Crowdsources Artists for Social Art Experiment via BBDO New York

Bombay Sapphire’s latest campaign continues the brand’s focus on art and creativity with #FindYourCanvas, a social art experiment that crowdsources its artists to create a robotic art installation in Los Angeles.

The gin brand said the work is based on the belief that “creativity lives within us all, yet is often overshadowed by life’s responsibilities”. It states that Bombay Sapphire is “on a mission to reawaken that inner creativity by providing opportunities for everyday consumers to discover their own unique inspirational catalyst.”

To kick off the initiative the brand, in partnership with BBDO New York, is debuting ‘Painted by Everyone,’ a crowdsourced initiative that invites creatives across the US to paint a large-scale masterpiece.

Through September 1, consumers are invited to visit here to select a colour and pixel in order to leave their mark on a large-scale canvas displayed at the Row in downtown LA. Users will be able to view a live feed as their contributions are painted onto the canvas in real time by two VTPro robotic arms that will take input from tens of thousands of online users to generate the art. Every participant will be credited as an exhibiting artist.

The final creation will be unveiled at The Other Art Fair LA on September 5, where the brand will host a series of workshops at the fairs throughout the year, taught by the brand’s tribe of creatives including celebrity hair stylist Daniel Moon, makeup artist Mimi Choi, actor and filmmaker James Bland, DJ Amrit, photographer Ravie B. Varona, and graphic designers Jessica Walsh and Ramzy Masri.

The classes will provide fairgoers the chance to explore and discover a range of unexpected creative mediums that will encourage everyone to find their own canvas. Beyond the fairs, the brand will also offer free three-month subscriptions to the online learning platform Skillshare’s database of nearly 25,000 creative classes.

“When ideating around ‘Find Your Canvas’, we wanted to explore what was stopping people from fulfilling their creative potential, so we surveyed over 11,000 people in partnership with The Leaf Group, The Other Art Fair’s parent company,” said Bombay Sapphire’s brand director, Tom Spaven.

“The survey revealed how people really felt about their own creativity and what’s holding them back from being more creative, which helped us learn how Bombay Sapphire could help overcome those barriers. Based on the survey findings, we were blown away by statistics such as 90% of people desiring to spend more time pursuing creative and artistic activities, and 96% of people would take classes to learn new creative skills if cost wasn’t an issue, which spurred our mission to provide more access and opportunities for creative self-expression to more people.”

Spaven said that #FindYourCanvas takes its ‘Stir Creativity’ campaign to a “deeper level by inspiring broader audiences to discover the possibilities within themselves and embrace their own creative self-expression”.

Source: The Drum

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