Boundless Brand Design partners with Martell, Royal Salute and The Glenlivet in celebration of Chinese New Year, creating a standout GTR cross-category activation campaign that provides a gateway into a world of festivity.

Martell, Royal Salute and The Glenlivet have partnered with Boundless Brand Design to build an engaging and celebratory GTR campaign for activation during one the most significant gifting seasons, Chinese New Year. The campaign concept needed to work as a cross-portfolio promotion, accommodating all three iconic Brands and their assets, creating a beautifully festive look and feel that carries forward the celebrations from Mid-Autumn Festival, to promote the high-end spirits within Global Travel Retail at this joyous time.

Leveraging the assets of each of the three spirit icons, Boundless Brand Design created a world of convivial celebration centred around the concept “From Our Home to Yours”, focussing on celebrating the festivities with all three of the brands. A gateway into a world of festivity, adornment and joy, Martell, Royal Salute and The Glenlivet encourage shoppers to drink and eat together, reuniting and celebrating, for the ultimate invite this holiday season. 

Boundless Brand Design created an enchanting illustrative universe that visually tells the narrative of the journey from the brand home to the Chinese New Year Celebration and to people’s homes. The vibrant illustrative Chinese New Year world is adorned with ornate and decorative fans welcoming consumers to immerse themselves into the celebratory season. From key visuals, to glorifiers, immersive activation spaces to gift bags, all elements embrace the look and feel of the celebratory concept. 

Hamish Shand, Founder and Executive Creative Director at Boundless Brand Design says, “The celebratory design features a perfect continuation of festivities from Mid-Autumn Festival, allowing Martell, Royal Salute and The Glenlivet to welcome shoppers into their family as part of this exclusive GTR activation. The vibrant and eclectic fans displaying intricate illustrations play a pivotal role throughout the spaces, whilst adornments surround shoppers with iconic Chinese New Year elements, creating a world of wonder and festive spectacle.”

Source: Boundless Brand Design

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