Box Chicken Concept Aims to Take on East London Fried Chicken Shops

box-chicken-press-release-_660We Are What We Do – a not-for-profit behaviour change organisation – was commissioned by east London arts facilitators Create London to launch Box Chicken, a mobile food outlet aiming to harness the popularity of fried chicken shops by ‘recreating their fast, tasty, social and cheap dining experience with a healthy and nutritious twist’, according to We Are What We Do.

Tori Flower, We Are What We Do creative director, says, ‘The main thing with the branding was to put healthy food into the market, but not make it look overly healthy and good and “worthy”. The brand had to sit comfortably alongside the other fast food brands’.

Flower says that the look and feel is informed by the ‘strong visual ideintity’ of existing fast food shops, which mostly use red, white and blue colours and bold graphics.

‘Visually, there is a big nod to the chicken shop brands young people love, but with a slightly cleaner, more refined, aspirational slant’, she says.

The packaging was created to be as cost effective as possible, as well as being 100 per cent recyclable, Flower adds.

She says, ‘We wanted to sell healthier food at a competitive price. The cost of the ingredients is relatively high, so we had to use low-cost cardboard boxes for the packaging.’

A simple branded sticker is used on-pack to minimize print costs.

According to Create London, compared to a meal and a drink in a local chicken shop, 
the same at Box Chicken will have a tenth of the saturated fat, fewer than half the calories (471 kcal compared to 1,165 kcal) and will include an extra 2.5 portions of fruit and vegetables. Box Chicken meals cost £2.50 for students and £3.50 for adults.

Box Chicken is currently sited in Forest Gate, Newham, and it is hoped that the concept will eventually roll out to other parts of the borough.

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