Brits Ordered Out and Showed their Sweet Tooth this Valentine’s Day, According to Preoday

Data from Preoday reveals a 26% increase in the number of orders placed for delivery or takeaway on 14th February 2018 compared to the previous Wednesday.

Not only were the number of orders placed higher, but the amount spent also increased. Restaurants and retailers using Preoday’s digital ordering technology saw a 41% increase in online and mobile ordering revenue compared to the same day a week earlier. Year-on-year data shows a 16% increase in the total number of orders placed on Valentine’s Day 2018 compared to 2017.

On the 8th February, the most popular restaurant offering food for collection or delivery specialised in seafood, with the second and third most popular offering Chinese and Indian dishes.

Conversely, on the 14th February, ordering data shows that the most money spent at any one store was for sweet goods and cakes. That same store saw a 142% increase in digital order revenue compared to Valentine’s Day 2017.

Matt Graywood, COO, Preoday comments: “A romantic gesture or meal is at the heart of Valentine’s Day and for many people, this is best enjoyed in the comfort of home. This year our restaurant and food retail clients saw more orders come in from online and mobile for collection or delivery than last Valentine’s day, and more than on a normal Wednesday. When it comes to the types of food enjoyed on Valentine’s, the fact that a cake shop was the most popular food business shows that lovers have a weakness for sweet treats.”

Source: Preoday

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