Burger King is Launching the Most Democratically Elected Burger

From September 2nd to October 6th, Burger King is running a new political event in France as it launches Democratic Burger: the first €2 democratically elected burger.

For the first time in the brand’s history, the operation will invite French people to vote for the burger that they want to for €2 for the following week.

Created by Buzzman, this integrated campaign will certainly provoke discussion in French homes.

Burger King France decided to invite all French people to vote on its app weekly in order to elect the burger that will be priced at €2 from among eight in the running (Crispy Chicken, Big King, Big Fish, Whopper, Chicken Tendercrisp, Steakhouse, BBQ Cheese & Bacon and the Bacon Lover).

The integrated campaign is running on TV, on the web and in local print. 

“Leaving that much choice to the French to decide, we haven’t seen that since De Gaulle,” said Buzzman in a statement.

Source: Little Black Book

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