Burger King Transforms Whopper into a Diamond Ring for a Gay Wedding

Burger King Germany is celebrating Pride in a novel way, by grilling a burger into a stack of carbon and transforming it into a diamond for a gay couple.

The work from ad agency Grabarz & Partner celebrates its LGBTQ+ audience with an inclusive ad tying into its ‘Have it Your Way’ strap-line. ‘Whopper Diamond’ stars couple Dima and Alvar, an Eastern European couple from a country where gay marriage is illegal.

Burger King facilitated the wedding, brought them to Germany where gay marriage is legal and thoughtfully transforms its lead product in a symbol of the couples’ love. The pair dubbed it a “dream come true” in a spot that culminates in the wedding celebration.

Tying into the film, Burger King Germany is releasing a rainbow version of its crown in Berlin and is running an influencer campaign for further resonance.

Source: The Drum

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