Burger King’s New Sourdough King Offering Triggers a Great Debate in the US

Burger King restaurants are adding the sourdough bun to their iconic menu while launching a debate that could last for the ages. Starting March 29, Americans can enjoy new menu items on the new toasted sourdough bun; the Sourdough King and the Breakfast Sourdough King collection.

Is the Sourdough King a burger or a sandwich? Burger King restaurants invited guests to their restaurant to help the King decide.

Burger King wants to hear what all guests think. Once guests have decided if the Sourdough King is a burger or a sandwich, they can tweet @BurgerKing with either #teamburger or #teamsandwich, or participate in a voting poll on Burger King’s social channels.

The new Sourdough King is made with more than ½ lb. of flame-grilled beef, melted American cheese, crispy bacon, freshly sliced onions and creamy signature sauce. The new offering keeps the iconic ingredients of the restaurants’ flame-grilled burgers, and adds a fresh new flavour with the toasted sourdough bun.

For breakfast, the Breakfast Sourdough King collection comes with a choice of savoury sizzling sausage, thick cut naturally smoked bacon, or sweet black forest ham, served with warm fluffy eggs and two helpings of melted American cheese all on a soft toasted sourdough bun.

The new Sourdough King is available for a recommended price of $5.99 and the Breakfast Sourdough King collection for a recommended price of $3.69 each at participating restaurants.

Source: Burger King 

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