Burger King’s New Trolling Ploy Sends Fans to McDonald’s to Unlock a 1-Cent Whopper Deal

Any lucid American knows the place to get a Whopper is Burger King.

But the fast food chain is back to gleefully trolling McDonald’s with a new Whopper Detour campaign that sends customers to its arch-rival’s locations to collect a steep discount on BK’s own iconic burgers.

From December 4 to 12, the Burger King smartphone app will let anyone within 600 feet of one of 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants around the country order a Whopper for a single cent, so long as they’re willing to trek to the nearest participating Burger King afterwards to pick up the actual sandwich.

A new video promotes the stunt, created by new agency partner FCB New York, with footage of customers baffling the drive-through clerks at McDonald’s, rolling up like boneheads and insistently ordering Whoppers.

The clip should be taken with a tiny disposable paper packet of salt, but it’s an amusing if equally absurd way to get a devious point across, roping in its competitors employees to help.

It’s also the kind of clever, irreverent advertising that calls to mind past favourites from brand, like the Cannes Grand Prix-winning McWhopper stunt from a couple years back, which saw Burger King invite McDonald’s to create a Whopper-Big Mac mashup for World Peace Day as well as older hits like Whopper Sacrifice and Whopper Freakout.

More recently, Burger King in Argentina even declined to sell Whoppers and sent fans directly to McDonald’s to actually buy Big Macs, as an act of good will. But that was only for one day: McHappy Day, when all Big Mac sales benefit cancer charity.

So will the new app-centric ploy work? Perhaps. But then again, with the extra hassle of driving to two separate locations, customers might still be better off thanking Burger King for the laugh and springing for the closer Big Mac.

Source: Adweek

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