Butterfly Cannon creates a tea brand identity worth celebrating for new-to-world tea ‘atelier’, Brook37.

Brook37 is on a mission to elevate America’s perception of tea from much more than just a ‘sweet iced’ or ‘health’ drink. Founded by female philanthropist and entrepreneur Mou Dasgupta, their high-quality tea, fresh from the finest tea gardens of India is perfect for celebrating any drinking occasion. We created their brand identity and packaging, positioning them as ‘The Atelier’ – an aspirational symbol of taste and excellence.

For their logo, we were inspired by their people and planet-first approach – from their ethical sourcing, all the way through to being ‘1% for the Planet’ certified and donating back to the local community. An elegant tea leaf motif grows from the centre of the ‘O’ in the Brook37 wordmark, telling the story of their brand coming directly from the heart of the community.

We developed plastic-neutral packaging including elegant and reusable metal caddies to house the biodegradable PLA bags. Inspired by the naturalness of their tea – made without artificial flavour and using real flowers and fruit pieces – we developed a tea plant motif to be delicately embossed on the caddies, elevating the design. This motif extends to the ‘Curated Collections’ gift packs which includes four mini caddies and a strainer. On-pack, branding and key information is held in an embossed lozenge device, structuring the on-pack information, and subtly referencing the arches of traditional Indian architecture.

With its female founder and all-women production team, Brook37 is changing the stagnated world of tea. They needed a confident brand colour palette to match. Coral is the refined yet bold master brand colour – breaking category codes and appealing to both genders.

For brand recognition, coral plays a dominant role on the caddy for the ‘Classic’ range of teas and features as an accent colour in the lozenge device on the other two ranges. For ‘Wellness’, we chose a calming pastel green, while for the higher price-point ‘Celebratory’, we picked a premium palette of black with gold highlights.

All our thinking came together in a brand book which outlines the Brook37 brand assets and usage, colour palette, typography and photography guidelines, to allow for smooth rollout across all forms of communication. 

Brook37 has already made a significant impact; with 289K impressions across Meta and the first launch of gift packs selling out after exceeding initial projections by over 50%.

Brook37…tea to celebrate.

“When I set out to create Brook37, I didn’t want it to be just about the tea; I wanted it to be about the whole experience that goes along with tea. With their approach of ‘powerful stories, beautifully told’, Butterfly Cannon were the perfect partner to bring Brook37 to life in all its sensorial glory. They have created a brand identity and packaging that will catch everyone’s attention through all the senses – the look, smell, touch and feel all working beautifully together to realise our vision to become the ‘CHANEL of tea’.” Mou Dasgupta, Founder & CEO, Brook37

Source: Butterfly Cannon

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