Carlsberg Launches New Campaign with McCann Hong Kong Featuring the Ultimate Smooth Talker

Carlsberg Hong Kong has released its latest campaign, focused on a single-minded offering which brought successful results to the entire portfolio – the new product Carlsberg Smooth Draught and the original green label as well.

Carlsberg Marketing Director Kelvin Cheng said, “The campaign proved that integrated marketing is important to target the multiple streams of segments with varied channel consumptions. It takes a meticulous planning of the client-agency team in the entire process, from sales channel messaging, to above the line to social media planning.”

“We had a ruthlessly clear handle on “Smooth”, but instead of a pure product sell, we tapped on the cultural insight that being a smooth talker is a big thing in Hong Kong, it just gets you everywhere. Smooth beer goes in, smooth talk goes out,” said Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Partner Jaslin Goh. “This was the insight driving the digital/social campaign.”

McCann Hong Kong approached the launch with an integrated team made up of brand team and digital social team, coined McCann Live.

McCann Live is a global offering specialising in digital and social, with a whole suite of services including data-listening analytics; strategy; social strategy; campaign activation; content-planning and production: engagement and Channel management; influencer relations; paid social and reputation management.

In addition to Carlsberg, McCann Live has launched with Mastercard, Urban Revivo and Dreyer’s Ice Cream.

McCann Hong Kong’s Managing Partner Florence Kong said, “We utilised a consolidated team effort seamlessly with the Carlsberg team to generate content at sell-in to trade, ATL and social levels. McCann Live is a digital and social offering launched to support our clients looking to integrate their brand needs with their social needs. By bringing the two services together, we enable the agency to have a much stronger grasp of their marketing communication needs.”

Source: Campaign Brief

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