Carlsberg Tackles Stella Artois Head-on in Competitive New Spot

carls-20150331094605799Beer brand Carlsberg has created a multimillion outdoor and social campaign that claims Carlsberg Export tastes better than Stella Artois.

It is he first standalone campaign for Export in a decade and has been designed to accentuate the pilsner’s “winning taste”.

Carlsberg said the £14m campaign, called ‘Trust Your Taste Buds’, was formed on the back of research that showed a “clear preference” for the taste of Export over main competitor Stella Artois in taste tests.

The billboard campaign will comprise two bursts of activity over Easter and June, supported on social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram.

Carlsberg UK has also refreshed the packaging of Export in a bid to accentuate premium cues. It is introducing a cleaner design, the signature of Carlsberg founder JC Jacobsen and giving greater prominence to the trademark.

David Scott, director of brand and insight at Carlsberg UK, said: “While Export has always been a key pillar of our Carlsberg family of brands, this research offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Export, throwing a spotlight on its fantastic taste. The taste test graphically illustrates how well Carlsberg Export performs against its nearest competitor brand, and in a category that can sometimes see ‘default purchasing’, we wanted to seize this opportunity to remind drinkers that this premium pilsner is a great tasting product.”

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