Cheez-It Creates Unique Snacking Experience with Two New Duoz Varieties

Cheez-It is introducing two exciting cheese snacks: Cheez-It Duoz caramel popcorn and Cheddar Crackers and Cheez-It Duoz Cheddar Jack Crackers and sharp cheddar pretzel.

The new pairings deliver a mash-up of 100 percent real cheese flavour and textures, creating a satisfying snacking experience that changes with every bite. The new Cheez-It Duoz are available at retailers US-wide.

“As food mash-ups become more popular, we’re excited to launch two Cheez-It Duoz varieties that pair our favourite cheesy, crunchy crackers with two salty snacks to create new satisfying snacking experiences for everyone,” said Jeff Delonis, Marketing Director of Cheez-It.

“Pairing our 100 percent real cheese Cheez-It crackers with caramel popcorn or cheddar pretzels creates two delicious snacks with flavours and textures that change with every bite.”

Cheez-It Duoz caramel popcorn and Cheddar Cracker balances sweet and salty flavours as caramel popcorn is paired with Cheez-It Cheddar crackers.

Cheez-It Duoz Cheddar Jack Cracker and sharp cheddar pretzel delivers double the cheese flavour with Cheez-It Cheddar Jack crackers and sharp cheddar pretzels.

Enjoy the unique flavour and texture combination of the new Cheez-It Duoz varieties while you’re on-the-go, watching movies at home or looking for a cheesy snack at work.

Source: Kellogg Company

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