Chocolate vs. Iron For Kellogg’s Krave

Household favourite cereal brand Kellogg’s Krave have released the latest video in their Time 2 Melt campaign.

‘Iron’ is the latest instalment in the online branded content series created by global digital marketing agency Isobar and shot and produced by boutique production and post-production company Motion Picture House.

7d6ddf3c403f55ba884534a588bf7886In the series of videos, which began on 20th September and will finish on 8th November, Kellogg’s Krave takes over a decommissioned RAF site to test the fastest way to melt a bar of chocolate, all in promotion of their popular melt-in-the-mouth cereal Krave.

The series, shot on phantom cameras, has already featured a flame thrower and a jet engine. Next up is an iron, which when pressed against a bar of chocolate, melts it in over two minutes.

Kellogg’s Krave, which launched in the UK in 2010, has four varieties including milk chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate caramel and white chocolate brownie.

In support of these new online videos Kellogg’s Krave has started a Facebook campaign involving their 350,000-plus followers, encouraging them to decide which video will be released next.

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