Co-op to Stock Snackamolé Dips in 550 Stores Nationwide in the UK

Following the launch of their 100g avocado dips to market in June, the creators of Snackamolé have secured a major listing with leading convenience retailer Co-op.

UK-based food pioneers Born Tasty has gained a listing to stock the Snackamolé ‘Chunky Avocado’ 100g dip in 550 of the retailer’s stores nationwide.

“2018 has already been an incredibly exciting year for Snackamolé and working closely with a fantastic convenience retailer like Co-op presents a great new opportunity for us to elevate the brand further and allow more consumers to buy a really great fresh-tasting avocado dip,” said Richard Lakeman, Sales and Marketing Manager at Born Tasty.

Suitable for vegans, as well as gluten-free and dairy-free diets, Snackamolé dips are available in two flavours: ‘Chunky Avocado’, which contains 99% pure Hass avocado with a twist of lime, and ‘Mexican Guacamole’, made using an authentic Mexican recipe with avocados, onion, garlic and bell pepper ingredients.

Born Tasty has introduced its Snackamolé 100g pot variant following the success of its double award-winning food-to-go Snackamolé Dip & Chip product.

“Our Snackamolé Dip & Chip product have been on the market for just over eight months and we’ve already gained a very loyal following,” continued Richard. “This new deal with Co-op marks an exciting step forward for us as we continue to grow the brand, expand our product range and enter new categories.”

Henry Guest, Co-op Buyer, said: “Sales of the Snackamolé Dip & Chip are performing well and we expect this newest addition to be a big hit with our customers.”

Snackamolé dips are produced in Mexico using a non-thermal, Hyperbaric Pressure Processing method (HPP) – a cold pasteurisation technique that subjects the nutrient-rich fruit to water-transmitted pressure, equivalent to subjecting it to an ocean depth of 37 miles.

This cutting-edge method eliminates microorganisms and the enzymes that cause the avocado flesh to brown, which means it retains the unique flavour of the fruit and its nutrients. It also extends the life of the product, with the dips having an unopened shelf life of 35 days.

Source: Snackamolé 

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