Coca-Cola Introduces Subtle New Packaging Using Actual Magic in Ad

Created by agency David and directed by Martin Romanella, this spot for Coca-Cola creates happiness out of thin air using the one guaranteed people-pleaser–magic.

2-Magic-Coke-Ad-Taste-The-Feeling-Justin-FlomThe brand employed full-time American magician Justin Flom, who wowed a tableful of people by turning their regular Coca-Cola beverages into other varieties–specifically Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Light and Coca-Cola Life.

You might also notice that the packaging of these Coca-Cola variants all sport delicate changes–with the brand’s iconic red disk taking precedence across the bottles. This ties in with Coca-Cola’s “one brand” strategy to band its assorted products closer together.

As product ads go, it’s a pretty effective way to introduce and describe each assortment of Coca-Cola in a memorable way. As a creative effort, employing a time-honoured method of entertainment is just a clever way to infuse magic back into a venerable brand.


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