Coca Cola Messes with Your Head with Visual Campaign by DAVID the Agency

Can an image make a sound without actually making a sound? The Coca-Cola Company, via its Central & Eastern Europe Business Unit, leveraged its rich history of sensorial advertising to launch a unique campaign that invites viewers to “hear” the image of an ad in their heads.

The series of photographs show macro imagery of classic Coca-Cola moments: the “fizzing” of the bubbles, the uncapping of a bottle, and the opening of a can.

The headline then reads “TRY NOT TO HEAR THIS”, challenging viewers to avoid playing the sounds in their heads, but at the same time taunting them to do so. After all, it’s human nature to seek the forbidden. Or, is it something deeper working in people’s heads?

This effect is called synesthesia. It’s when two different senses cross in our brains, producing the impression people are hearing one thing even though they’re stimulated via another sense, their vision.

The campaign by DAVID the Agency, uses its instantly recognisable product and iconic rituals to trick the brain into automatically associating an image with a specific sound, filling in the silence with the expected sound. It’s in essence an auditory illusion.

“As one of the most iconic brands in the world with one of the highest top of mind, we have earned a place in people’s heads. With this campaign we are aiming to activate that sensorial memory from our consumers, challenging them to hear an image for the first time, finishing our ad in their heads,” said Camilla Zanaria, CEE Coca-Cola Content Lead.

The multi-market campaign is running in magazines, newspapers and billboards across Europe.

Source: DAVID the Agency

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