Coca-Cola Rolls Out the Green Carpet in a Pop-Up Park

How do you say the word grey in a dozen languages?

It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Coca-Cola is here to save you from your drab urban existence with a bright red truck filled with bright green grass.

In this new Coke ad from Wieden + Kennedy in Amsterdam, the truck rolls out the turf in unexpected places like a concrete square, filling it with color. “A pop-up park!” said some marketing person, somewhere.

Coke_Insitu2_LOIf you are a thin, happy millennial, or otherwise young and appealing, you are invited to kick off your shoes and do toe curls on the grass. It’s better than your nearby park, too, because it has one of the domineering vending machines that Coke loves to create and every other brand loves to copy. Give the machine your bare feet, and it will give you sugar water.

Bring your fluffy pet rabbit. It will enjoy eating the grass. (The grass is real, not artificial, and was eventually donated to a child’s care home so it wasn’t wasted. However, a separate “portable park,” packaged in a suitcase and sent to journalists including this one, used fake turf. See below.)

Bring your fluffy pocket dog. It will enjoy being fluffy. Bring your sunglasses and guitars and soccer balls because you are fashionable and arty and fun-loving.

Coke is just here to get in on the action by making you happy—but only if you are drinking Coke in a pop-up park in the middle of a city square.

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