Coca-Cola to Launch World’s First Pre-heated Fizzy Drink Can

CokeGigerAleJapanese consumers looking for something to warm them up this autumn are in luck after Coca-Cola announced it has introduced the world’s first pre-heated carbonated drinks can.

The hot Canada Dry Ginger Ale will be available from custom dispensing machines in the land of the rising sun from 21 October at $1.20 a pop.

This culminates a four year research drive by the beverage giant’s boffins who had been seeking ways to keep the beverage fizzy during the heating process.

With that nut finally cracked Coca-Cola is hoping to grab a hefty slice of the Japanese drinks market with its hot and spicy offering.

Up till now the drinks giant has been restricted to offering only canned warmed drinks without any fizz, such as tea and coffee. There are currently no plans to launch the drink to international markets.

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