Snickers Tackles Catcalling in New Ad

In the latest stunt for its ‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ campaign, chocolate brand Snickers teamed up with agency Clemenger BBDO to create a video, in which construction workers shout out empowering words to unsuspecting women on the streets.

Instead of whistles and sexist catcalls, the workers shouted out encouraging phrases like “I’d like to show you the respect you deserve!”, and “A woman’s places is where she chooses!”.

Poking fun at the stereotype of construction workers harassing women, Snickers exec Brad Cole said, “There were a few nervous moments while we were filming the reactions, but the public took the experiment in the spirit in which it was intended—to charm and amuse them.”

Despite the well-intentions and light-heartedness of the stunt, some people have taken offense to it. One YouTube commenter said, “So wait, men are only respectful and decent human beings when they’re ‘not being themselves’? Men should eat a snickers to ‘be themselves again’ so that they can be sexist, ignorant douchebags that harass women? Great, Snickers. This kind of sexist perpetuation of masculinity is just what our world needs.”

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