Crosta & Mollica Continues to ‘Rise’ With New Range at Waitrose

Following increased enthusiasm for Crosta & Mollica’s ‘really Italian’ authentic regional breads and savoury snacks sourced from genuine Italian bakers, a delicious new range is being introduced into Waitrose.

Range has a mix of  savoury snacks and breads, which are listed below:


Tarallini with Pugliese TomatoTarallini with Pugliese Tomato

Building on the success of the classic Tarallini with Fennel Seed, Crosta and Mollica has introduced a Pugliese Tomato flavour Tarallini which is made with the same local ingredients of white wine and extra virgin oil and the addition of tomato, garlic and oregano – making it the perfect snack to serve with a glass of vino.

Crostini with Oregano

Sliced from a ‘filone’ loaf  (a long, relatively thin, loaf) which is twice baked for extra crispness and then drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with Sicilian oregano. These crisp baked bread slices are sourced from a small local bakery in Lombardia and are delicious served with an aperitivo or with antipasti. Try adding to minestrone or other soups for that perfect crunch!



These thin, soft wholemeal flatbreads are more delicate than the classic version and are expected to be equally as popular. What’s more, they are certified organic which makes them quite unique in the flatbread fixture. Best served hot and filled with your favourite topping. We suggest a layer of chocolate spread and some sliced banana.

Pane Valdostano

From the mountains of northwest Italy, this light rye bread is distinctive with its pretty marigold shaped decorative crust. Made from a blend of flours, the dough is flavoured with walnuts and figs, which make it the perfect bread for eating with cheese. Equally good thinly sliced and then toasted with a spread of butter and a cup of tea for an afternoon treat.

Ciabatta Grano Duro

Another durum wheat bread from the same bakery as our Pane Pugliese, this bread is shaped like a slipper and hence called a ‘ciabatta’.  This wonderful golden loaf is best served warm and filled to make a panini but also makes an ideal dinner party treat served warm and torn into chunks served with some fruity olive oil as a dipping bread.

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