Czech Beer Campaign Takes Chilling with a Beer to a Whole New Level

Beer brand Plantan has turned itself into a verb with their new campaign from WMC/Grey. ‘To Plantan’ is the act of lying doing, unwinding and enjoying a beer – and in their super chilled new TVC, everyone seems to be joining in.

The spot was directed by Dominik Miskovsky, who was also DOP on the job. He brings a hazy, bucolic vibe as well as a comforting, photographic stillness to the film. This hero video is accompanied by a series of comedic instructional videos that zero in on the characters from the main film.

And if your Czech is a little bit rusty, check out the translation below:

I’ve been doing it for a very long time. By the water, in a forest, in a cottage… Plataning.
Recently it has become a huge trend…
Everywhere you look somebody is doing it…
My friends… family… and even my grandmother…
And it is spreading really fast.
From my point of view… about 150 degrees… Plataning is a phenomenon, which is worth trying!
Enjoy Platan up to the bottom.
“Platan… put your thirst on its back”

Source: Little Black Book

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