DDB SF Brings BJ’s’ New Healthy EnLIGHTened Menu to the Ultimate Critics: Kids

No one is more honest in their opinion, especially when it comes to food, than kids. DDB San Francisco asked a group of 4-6 year olds to come to BJ’s and sample each of the new EnLIGHTened options from BJ’s healthy menu in their new campaign, “Honest Critics.” They then used their honest opinions in the restaurant, on social and in video content to promote the EnLIGHTened menu.

The definition of healthy eating has shifted. Previously people were concerned with counting calories, but once they realised that just because something was “low calorie, sugar free, or fat free” didn’t mean it was good for them, focus shifted to the actual ingredients. That’s why at BJ’s the EnLIGHTened menu incorporates great ingredients and superfoods, like kale and quinoa. And they’re also aware that some of our health-conscious guests have dietary restrictions, so the EnLIGHTened menu also offers healthy vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Since taste is a such subjective term, DDB SF wanted to get the harshest critics they could think of to evaluate the EnLIGHTened menu. That’s where kids come in. Nobody is more honest and genuine than kids. If they don’t like the way something tastes they’re not afraid to say it. They’re also not afraid to spit it out across the table either. That’s why DDB SF thinks it’d be not only entertaining to watch kids enjoying BJ’s’ healthy food, but grounds the critique in sincerity.

Source: Little Black Book

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