Desperados Unveils ‘Way of the Desperados’ Integrated Campaign

Tequila flavoured beer Desperados celebrates confidence, effortless attitude and playfulness with its new global brand tone and visual language – Way of the Desperados.

Created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, the brand refresh was inspired by the bottle, colours, name, taste and spontaneity of the product. The brand’s new creative strategy launches with a global integrated campaign that dares a generation to embrace the Way of the Desperados.

“Desperados is a unique brand, positioned between beer and spirits, combining the conviviality and positivity of beer with the colorful imagery of tequila. We have partnered with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam to start from this product truth and elevate Desperados to become a lifestyle brand, to have the brand express an unconventional, daring, positive outlook on life that can resonate with the values and needs of young adults,” explained Desperados global brand director, Claudia Calori.

“Way of the Desperados is not only a campaign, it is a philosophy, it is a visual language, and it is a tone of voice that impacts everything that the brand says or does. We celebrate the people who make and live by their own rules, and inspire others to do the same.”

A bespoke Way of the Desperados typographic language and over 80 hand-drawn headlines have been developed to be used across all campaign executions. Seven bite size 15-second films for TV and online bring the print to life with a mixture of footage, animation and text. Online the Way of the Desperados identity and campaign is communicated further with a crazy language of shareable GIFs and animations.

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam creative directors, Joseph Burrin and Sean Condon commented: “To turn Desperados into a lifestyle brand which is relevant for its audience, we needed to avoid some of the usual cues that are so common in this category. Instead we created a distinct visual language and tone of voice that Desperados drinkers everywhere could relate to. It’s fun and crazy. Not too polished. Real.”

Way of the Desperados unleased in the UK on March 24 rolling out across Europe. Later in the year the campaign will cross the Atlantic to the US and Brazil.

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