Did Carlsberg Just Invent the Ultimate Shopping Trolley?

Carlsberg has launched what is probably the best shopping trolley in the world, working with car customisers Yiannimize to create a motorized trolley complete with an electric engine, a beer cooling system and satellite navigation.

Male shopping insights such as struggling to find the right food aisle, being forced to purchase warm crates of beer and struggling with wonky shopping trolley wheels have been addressed to create the ultimate shopping experience for the Carlsberg customer.

Car customiser to the stars, Yiannimize, based in Enfield, North London, has revamped a standard ASDA trolley to feature alloy wheels, custom-built cooling system in the basket for beers, dashboard featuring an in-built digital screen, leather racing seat for style and comfort and a satellite navigation system.

On Tuesday 26th January, Carlsberg trialled the bespoke trolley at ASDA, Clapham Junction amid a selection of unsuspecting shoppers. Hidden camera footage captured amazed members of the public as the trolley was driven through the store.

If-Carlsberg-did-Shopping-Trollies1Dharmesh Rana, Senior Brand Manager at Carlsberg UK, said: “This is the latest in our line of If Carlsberg Did experiences, and we wanted to use the supermarket insight we receive from our consumers to create a trolley like no other. Shopping for groceries isn’t always the most exciting thing to do, so we wanted to add a little If Carlsberg Did magic to the process. Ultimately it’s about making the experience of purchasing our products more enjoyable for our customers”

Yianni Charalambous, Director at Yiannimize Ltd, added: “We’re used to working with high-end, premium car manufacturers, so when Carlsberg approached us we were naturally very excited – it’s one of the most challenging briefs we’ve ever had. We’re confident we’ve delivered probably the best trolley in the world.”

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