Diet Coke Ditches ‘Hunk’ & Tells Women To ‘Regret Nothing’

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In 2015, Diet Coke is excited to announce the launch of ‘Regret Nothing’, a thought-provoking campaign, to inspire women to embrace their impulsive side.

The new ‘Regret Nothing’ campaign aims to reflect a fundamental insight into women’s lives today; that the fear of embracing your impulsive side can lead to self-restraint and regret. A step change from the legendary ‘Hunk’ (see below) campaign, the iconic brand wants to inspire women to be more impulsive, to create positive experiences every day.

This powerful insight will be the central theme to the ‘Regret Nothing’ integrated marketing campaign, which includes a new TVC and print executions as well as social and PR activity.

Kick-starting with a fresh TVC, the spot dramatises one female character’s moment of indecision, where she then gains confidence, acts on impulse and follows her heart, creating a positively charged story. The print campaign features light-hearted spontaneous stories around the themes of friendship, fashion and relationships to motivate drinkers to seek untold adventures.

2015_regret_nothing“For over three decades Diet Coke has continued to reflect the evolving role of women in society through its advertising, and has always celebrated and championed the positive impact and roles women play” says Bobby Brittain, Marketing Strategy and Activation Director, Coca‑Cola Great Britain. “We hope that this new campaign will have the same impact that previous and much loved Diet Coke ‘Break’ commercials have had on women and will motivate our fans to embrace their impulses and ‘Regret Nothing’.”

The ad, directed by Martin Krejci and created by advertising agency BETC London, will air from Friday 23rd January 2015.

Andrew Stirk, BETC London CEO, also comments: “Impulsive women always die first in horror movies and they’re never allowed happy endings. Culture and society teaches that for women, restraint is the recipe for a happy life. But self-restraint leads to regret. The real risk in life is not embracing your impulses. Impulsive women are magnetic; they have adventures, they are happy… they feel alive. Diet Coke is here to inspire women to embrace their more impulsive side.”

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